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Let's set the ground rules from the start to avoid any confusion. You are here to amuse me, not the other way around. This means you will treat me with respect and that you will obey when in my presence. You are here to serve me, fulfill my demands without question or hesitation. Choosing to step into my world will be the last choice you need to make. From that point on your body, mind, needs and desires belong to me. I will decide what you do, how far we go, and when you're done.

Turn ons

I enjoy games of all kinds. Perhaps my favorite is playing with your little mind. The chosen few that are deemed worthy will receive daily tasks to complete. Will it be painful? Humiliating? Perhaps it'll be as tedious as writing sentences. At any rate the rules are the same. Once you prove you are worthy of this gift you will have 24 to prove you have completed the task for that day. Do not think about cheating. I will know. Some tasks may seem ridiculous or challenge your dedication to me or impossible to complete. That's not my problem and I don't want to hear any complaints. A good boy simply obeys.

Turn offs

It just makes me crazy when you losers come pouncing into my world demanding respect. Do you really think you've earned my respect? Think again my little bitch. Why is it so hard for you to understand your place in this life? You are here for my pleasure. When I say bark you will bark. Respect you say? You make me laugh. Not because you're funny. You aren't. It's just so ridiculous to see you sitting there with that tiny dick of yours demanding respect. I can't imagine how you could possibly satisfy a real woman.

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