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KatDestruction by luvembig74 on July 30, 2:00 pm

Stunning, fun to chat with, and so personable. Will definitely visit again

BBWTiffany by loverofsmother on July 29, 10:36 pm

whatever you suggest, Tiffany runs with it...she's exceptional

BBWTiffany by loverofsmother on July 29, 10:16 pm

hotter than the sun

TinaStarrxo by sintheshowoff on July 29, 8:31 am

Biggest arms in the world!

TinaStarrxo by sintheshowoff on July 26, 8:17 pm

arms could knock me out

KatDestruction by frenchmarc on July 25, 5:14 pm

always one of my favourites if i m lucky enough to find her online ...

JadeBelle by bigcipp on July 24, 9:23 pm

gorgeous ladtyso very nice:)

LaMamasotaMorena by mistermessy on July 24, 8:19 pm

she is a great bbw with a huge Body. it is worth to watch her. also nice to talk with

Jae by grabbag1888 on July 23, 11:20 pm

so hot

JadeBelle by westexsweet on July 23, 10:51 pm

wow nice sexy bbw great

AnnieBellaBBW by alexlee on July 23, 4:03 pm

I have this on high-contrast so I can't see the labeling for the ratings. I intend to give this a perfect rating. Job well done.

SweetAdeline by plumpher on July 21, 11:11 pm

Truly a Beauty among Beauties! She is so sweet and amazing! I really recommend having a private chat with her as she is worth every second and penny spent. She will leave you smiling from ear to ear :D

ARRIANA by Battoken on July 21, 2:09 am

Amazing ;3

ARRIANA by tazzaman on July 20, 10:03 pm

gorgeous sexy lady

ARRIANA by mart622 on July 20, 8:13 pm

Such a wonderful and beautiful princess

bailey by ssbbwluvver on July 19, 8:05 pm

Love her....

SweetAdeline by luvembig74 on July 18, 10:04 pm

Amazing woman. So gorgeous and so much fun to chat with. She's a can't miss.

ARRIANA by theauthor25 on July 18, 9:54 pm

The most amazing woman here. Can't wait till next time.

SweetAdeline by plumpher on July 18, 5:17 pm

My Word so Beautiful, So Sexy, So Round! I cannot believe how Gorgeous this gal's belly is and how round it is! just chatting with her leaning back in the chair is worth every penny!

SweetAdeline by plumpher on July 18, 4:58 pm

She is so beautiful. Red Lips and white shirt gives that classic gal feeling in this show! WOW. So Breathtaking!

JadeBelle by youngstud0025 on July 17, 12:20 am

Mm delicious curves and sexy attitiude

AveryOctober by ugotmebugged6 on July 16, 10:37 pm

Absolutely perfect girl. Beautiful, fun and laid back and all the perfect features. Definitely coming back for more.

AnnieBellaBBW by bigbodybunnylove on July 16, 3:39 am

A real lady full of naughty and rough ideas. Sure to please with just the sound of her voice

BBWTiffany by RobM on July 16, 1:33 am

always amazing and wonderful with her. making me cum soo much

ARRIANA by therocketranger on July 15, 8:53 pm

Excellent but low video speed.

ARRIANA by olemann89 on July 15, 5:54 pm

Always the best on this site

JadeBelle by drtrther on July 15, 1:11 am

Put on a great show as usual. Keep it up! :)

CLEOPATRA by bosox44 on July 14, 10:37 am

She's got a lovely body. Very warm inviting face. Intrigued to come back again.

SammieJean by LovesbigHyer on July 14, 9:30 am

fantastic show

Eve by MattWild on July 13, 11:20 pm

Awesome (Why I came back for more!)

Eve by MattWild on July 13, 10:10 pm

I'll be very honest not all that often I come on here. However I really really enjoyed Eve's show and I will very much be back for me. Stunning from beginning to end and I will be back for more for sure! Highly recommended

ARRIANA by bigcipp on July 13, 9:45 pm

gorgeous and nice:)

CLEOPATRA by olemann89 on July 13, 4:03 pm

So vibrant and beautiful. Dream woman

CLEOPATRA by olemann89 on July 13, 3:21 pm

Great show and a beautiful woman!

bailey by ssbbwluvver on July 12, 6:58 pm

my sweet lovely feedee...

Eve by paultheswinger on July 12, 12:26 pm

good performer

laehla by RobM on July 11, 11:08 pm

just a perfect, sexy woman with a beautiful voice

Fay by bigcipp on July 11, 9:17 pm

again was awesome :D

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