littletoy4BBWs Avatar
littletoy4BBWs on 3rd Dec 16


lone932 Avatar
lone932 on 2nd Dec 16

A fantastic SSBBW!

brookeadmirer Avatar
brookeadmirer on 28th Sep 16

i love belly hanging a lot... and damn her belly hangs a lot :-) she eats like crazy :-) i love her

sawdust560 Avatar
sawdust560 on 19th Sep 16

Best in the biz. Very accommodating.

plumpher Avatar
plumpher on 19th Sep 16

OMG!! What a Belly on this Goddess. Truly She is absolutely Wonderful!!

blkman7222 Avatar
blkman7222 on 18th Sep 16

Eager to please

kenny123456 Avatar
kenny123456 on 17th Sep 16

belly queen!!!

loverofsmother Avatar
loverofsmother on 17th Sep 16

Has to be the best belly ever

baltazar78 Avatar
baltazar78 on 7th Sep 16


loverofsmother Avatar
loverofsmother on 25th Aug 16

Great show as always

Trumanfartface Avatar
Trumanfartface on 18th Jul 16

nice farts from an ssbbw

andrew281990 Avatar
andrew281990 on 12th Jul 16


edel71 Avatar
edel71 on 8th Jul 16


loverofsmother Avatar
loverofsmother on 27th Jun 16

A true SSBBW, always fun to take private

mistermessy Avatar
mistermessy on 27th Jun 16

tiffany is absolutly stunning! she has a massive huge belly and is still growing! also very friendliy.... a real angel!

plumpher Avatar
plumpher on 27th Jun 16

Wow that was absolutely Incredible. she has the most amazing belly

plumpher Avatar
plumpher on 27th Jun 16

So Gorgeous and Amazing. what a bountiful Belly!! WOW

blkman7222 Avatar
blkman7222 on 23rd Jun 16

awesome yet again

lone932 Avatar
lone932 on 22nd Jun 16


blkman7222 Avatar
blkman7222 on 17th Jun 16


plumpher Avatar
plumpher on 8th Jun 16

Oh my word, truly amazing!!! what a Big Belly Babe! Truly one of the BEST!

blkman7222 Avatar
blkman7222 on 28th May 16

Awesome show and she follows your request and looks beautiful while she does it.

2dlyfe Avatar
2dlyfe on 28th Apr 16

amazing as always

brookeadmirer Avatar
brookeadmirer on 27th Apr 16

incredible! eat like crazy... she's huge... and growing...

punkmunkie21 Avatar
punkmunkie21 on 27th Apr 16

She's totally amazing...a true professional and total sweetheart

Badboyluck Avatar
Badboyluck on 27th Apr 16


lone932 Avatar
lone932 on 27th Apr 16

The best

breastman92 Avatar
breastman92 on 1st Apr 16

Never dissapoints

manutd99 Avatar
manutd99 on 24th Mar 16

still the best

loverofsmother Avatar
loverofsmother on 24th Mar 16

Such a wild roleplayer, does everything you ask for and more and never disappoints

loverofsmother Avatar
loverofsmother on 24th Mar 16

so fucking hot

plumpher Avatar
plumpher on 24th Mar 16

OMG amazingly wonderfull!!

plumpher Avatar
plumpher on 2nd Mar 16

Just 1 Word= Incredible

mistermessy Avatar
mistermessy on 1st Mar 16

she is the very best! a real dream Girl with a giant belly!

Trumanfartface Avatar
Trumanfartface on 24th Feb 16

It's been a long time, but a good fart show.

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