TheHandsomeDevil Avatar
TheHandsomeDevil on 3rd Feb 17

So beautiful and sexy.

bboekhor Avatar
bboekhor on 14th Jan 17

Sexy and massive and gigantic

ssbbwluvver Avatar
ssbbwluvver on 5th Jan 17

Bailey is simply lovely...

Bellylover223 Avatar
Bellylover223 on 24th Dec 16


mistermessy Avatar
mistermessy on 15th Dec 16

super friendly and super cute! also love all the giant rolls. i really have to come back!

faust985 Avatar
faust985 on 15th Dec 16


Grizzzzbear94 Avatar
Grizzzzbear94 on 6th Dec 16

good review

pastarun Avatar
pastarun on 29th Nov 16

Great effort! I have this fetish for a SSBBW with a flawless clear smooth upper back, and you have it, but the video quality makes it hard to really see how clear it is. If the video quality can be improved, I'll certainly be back for more!

ssbbwluvver Avatar
ssbbwluvver on 24th Nov 16

Bailey is such a sweetheart... willing to pleae and she does! I will definately return...

ssbbwluvver Avatar
ssbbwluvver on 20th Nov 16

Bailey is a true sweethart... I will definately return to...

magnanimous Avatar
magnanimous on 6th Nov 16

this one is interesting I love where this is going

Grizzzzbear94 Avatar
Grizzzzbear94 on 6th Nov 16

i wanna see you

Grizzzzbear94 Avatar
Grizzzzbear94 on 6th Nov 16


Grizzzzbear94 Avatar
Grizzzzbear94 on 6th Nov 16


Grizzzzbear94 Avatar
Grizzzzbear94 on 6th Nov 16


Grizzzzbear94 Avatar
Grizzzzbear94 on 6th Nov 16

my princess

Antondavis32 Avatar
Antondavis32 on 5th Nov 16

Wonderful a 10/10 performance she is sexy and funny would love to see her sexy body again

Grizzzzbear94 Avatar
Grizzzzbear94 on 4th Nov 16


Charlychess Avatar
Charlychess on 4th Nov 16


chris36 Avatar
chris36 on 30th Oct 16

She is worth every minute. A very sweet sexy big girl. 10/10 points

mart622 Avatar
mart622 on 29th Oct 16

Such a sweet and beautiful big girl

frenchmarc Avatar
frenchmarc on 29th Oct 16

lotsa curves !

chrislegg1 Avatar
chrislegg1 on 29th Oct 16

Drop-dead gorgeous girl willing to please, though I asked for shower before going in (and in show) and she said was going to shower but didn't get out of bed. Great show, but not what I asked for. Better quality cam would have been good too.

lone932 Avatar
lone932 on 26th Oct 16

she is a dream of a huge growing woman and so friendly

plumpher Avatar
plumpher on 26th Oct 16

Wow Bailey is amazing! Truly Beautiful and so Sexy! this girl has quite the Belly that will make your FA dreams come true!!

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