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  • SammieJean SammieJean by shdo0801 on September 24, 3:38 pm

    great experience overall and glad i got to meet her

  • JadeBelle JadeBelle by akilfinch on September 24, 6:12 am

    the best mother nature has created, no one else can come close.

  • JadeBelle JadeBelle by westexsweet on September 23, 10:39 pm

    wow nice show jade is very sexy great show

  • SSBBWHoneyBee SSBBWHoneyBee by jagratri84 on September 23, 1:18 am

    wonderful girl and wonderful show

  • SavannahGreen SavannahGreen by plumpher on September 23, 12:33 am

    Wow. Savannah is truly a Gorgeous Woman. Such infectiously beautiful eyes and smile! She is a true Sweetheart in every sense of the word. She will make going private worth every second you are getting to see and chat with her.

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by willdog on September 23, 12:15 am

    Great performer

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by olemann89 on September 22, 3:30 am

    As great as ever :-) Only wish I had more chips to burn

  • JadeBelle JadeBelle by gottafff on September 22, 1:38 am


  • MsCupcakeDeVille MsCupcakeDeVille by lone932 on September 21, 11:31 pm

    Nice girl, good show

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by Shortnthick598 on September 21, 7:31 pm

    She is beautiful ! I have waited so long for this. She is the only reason I visit this website and has everything any guy could ever want, wether its just to talk or to get down and dirty. You simply cant go wrong here

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by supersonic on September 21, 5:54 pm

    good show

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by brave13 on September 21, 3:24 am

    This model. Is absolutely divine. She can do a lot of the kinkiest fetishes you can ever imagine. She looks deep into your eyes and pleasures you to the maximum. If you want the time of your life, this woman aims to please, this I swear.

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by gottafff on September 21, 1:43 am

    great burps

  • GodMotherOfAss GodMotherOfAss by smallcock3inch on September 21, 1:04 am

    very nice show

  • LiszaBBW LiszaBBW by roygbiv89 on September 20, 7:21 pm


  • HoneyBunz87 HoneyBunz87 by lone932 on September 20, 1:10 am

    She is a wonderful lady and gave me a great show.

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by unafraidzeo on September 19, 10:53 pm

    great show

  • DestructionGirls DestructionGirls by bigbootylover on September 19, 7:05 pm

    Awesome show!

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by unafraidzeo on September 19, 4:48 pm

    great show

  • BBWTiffany BBWTiffany by sawdust560 on September 19, 2:06 pm

    Best in the biz. Very accommodating.

  • BBWTiffany BBWTiffany by plumpher on September 19, 12:20 pm

    OMG!! What a Belly on this Goddess. Truly She is absolutely Wonderful!!

  • BBWTiffany BBWTiffany by blkman7222 on September 18, 10:16 am

    Eager to please

  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by olemann89 on September 18, 2:27 am

    Amazing woman, awesome conversation :-)

  • SilentRain SilentRain by edel71 on September 17, 10:59 pm


  • SSBBWHoneyBee SSBBWHoneyBee by 2dlyfe on September 17, 4:56 pm

    amazing model very friendly

  • maya Maya by Shortnthick598 on September 17, 2:31 pm

    Very seductive talker. enjoyed.

  • BBWTiffany BBWTiffany by kenny123456 on September 17, 9:53 am

    belly queen!!!

  • BBWTiffany BBWTiffany by loverofsmother on September 17, 8:21 am

    Has to be the best belly ever

  • jodyssbbwgirl Jodyssbbwgirl by yanni123 on September 17, 6:06 am


  • ARRIANA ARRIANA by olemann89 on September 16, 2:59 pm

    Great performance ^^

  • JadeBelle JadeBelle by westexsweet on September 15, 11:17 pm

    wow nice show jade is great bbw

  • BettieRocker BettieRocker by sawdust560 on September 15, 1:19 pm


  • BellyGoddess BellyGoddess by olemann89 on September 15, 2:19 am

    Perfection ^^

  • BellyGoddess BellyGoddess by olemann89 on September 15, 2:01 am

    Like Mary Poppins: Perfect in every way :-)

  • maya Maya by bigurl35 on September 13, 11:07 pm

    Sexy girl very friendly :)

  • BellyGoddess BellyGoddess by olemann89 on September 13, 4:31 pm

    Great conversation, and an absolutely stunning woman to behold :-)

  • BellyGoddess BellyGoddess by mbrady78 on September 12, 10:52 pm

    love her

  • Luscious Luscious by allan4you on September 12, 7:20 pm

    Lovely sexy bbw. She really has it all.

  • SSBBWHoneyBee SSBBWHoneyBee by CountRackula1 on September 12, 2:09 pm


  • LiszaBBW LiszaBBW by lanlig13 on September 12, 7:08 am

    Amazing as always